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~April 2016



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Axes and Acres is a deep and engaging single-player strategy game designed to create exciting decisions every turn. Axes and Acres includes elements of deck-building which allow you to strategically manage your peasants to farm, build, and survive. The rules are easy to learn, but every turn can be played out in many different ways, leading to complex and interesting choices. Axes and Acres is for players who are interested in a deep single-player strategy experience in under an hour. The game is focused on interesting mechanics which create thought provoking situations allowing the player to develop and utilize their strategic skills. Axes and Acres does not fall into a classic video game genre other than strategy, but if it were a board game it would be a deck or pool-building game, with elements of city building. Players will be able to play the game on PC through Steam and hopefully through the humble store. We are also looking into making a Linux version if the demand is there.


Axes and Acres is inspired by a number of board and video games including Caesar III, Roll for the Galaxy, Castles of Burgundy, Troyes, Mage Knight, and many from the Deck-building genre. Axes and Acres draws on mechanics from these games and combines them in a unique way to create a deeply strategic single-player strategy game.


  • Single-player ladder/ranking system for endless play.
  • A deep strategic experience in under an hour.
  • Simple symbolistic graphics to allow for a focus on mechanics.
  • Pastoral music from Doctor Turtle.
  • Many more buildings, dice, scenarios etc. to come in the final version!


Axes and Acres Trailer YouTube

Axes and Acres Gameplay Video YouTube


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About BrainGoodGames

BrainGoodGames is an indie development studio located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada focused on creating tightly designed and lasting gaming experiences.

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AxesandAcres Credits

Brett Lowey
Game Design, Development

Caleb Friesen
Game Design, Marketing

Game Icons
Artists, Freelance

Doctor Turtle
Music, Freelancer

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