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Charming and unique strategy games that pack tons of interesting decisions into bite-sized matches.
Easy to pick up, tons of variety and limitless challenge.

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Solar Settlers

A card-driven space exploration strategy game set in the far future.

Minos Strategos

Harness the power of specific battle formations to push back the Minotaur hordes.


Today is your chance to learn to sail the skies, take control of the winds and discover vast riches up in the clouds.

Axes and Acres

A deep and engaging single-player strategy game full of exciting decisions. Farm, build, survive!


Militia is a tight turn-based strategy game that brings the thrill of victory to single-player.

Rolling in the Reef

Rolling in the Reef is a dice-driven strategy game about guiding your fishy friends to thrive in their coral home.

Militia 2

Militia is back with more bite-sized strategy that evolves to match your skill!

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Growing your space-colony, chopping a Minotaur down to size and sailing the wind currents!
(Solar Settlers, Minos Strategos and SkyBoats)


"[Solar Settlers] strikes the balance between casual fun and strategic gameplay."

"An absolute gem of tactics and strategy, in a tight little package of awesomeness."

"Every game from BrainGoodGames is now a must buy on release day for me."

"Compact, elegant strategy game that is easy to learn."

"This game is one of the best designed games I have played."

"Compact, elegant strategy game that is easy to learn."

"Really cool board game; among the best I've played physical or virtual. Distinctive, fun, elegant, replayable. Well worth $10"

"This is an excellent card and resource management game, really quite outstanding design."




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